A client asked me last week if I had a Valentine…


My response jumped out of my mouth, “Just me!”
It wasn’t a canned response at all and there wasn’t an air of sadness about this fact.
The truth is, I’ve come to honour, respect, and appreciate myself more than ever. I love who I am and enjoy spending time with people who really see me.
Things weren’t always like this. I used to tolerate being treated poorly and spend a lot of energy looking for someone special’s approval or recognition.
One of the ways I began to dissolve this co-dependant pattern was through Theta Healing. It’s a process of reprogramming sub-conscious beliefs.
This is my gift to you. Below is a short (16 minute) practice that has transformational, life altering benefits. Practice. Repeat. Practice. Repeat.
In between, spend your time focussing on what feels right and good and true for you in your life now. Grow this with your intention and attention.


Love & light,
Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash