I’m not big on setting New Year’s resolutions…I feel like they can set us up to feel worse about ourselves or they become ideas but rarely inspire lasting transformation. I am really into consistent reprogramming of the neural-pathways through repetition and constant refocussing of my attention and energy.


Directing the flow of prana through choosing thoughts and feelings that you want to amplify is powerful.


Recently I can across a journal from 1999.


20 years ago I was living in New Zealand and working on various organic farms for short stints. I met plenty of characters living “off the grid.”  These people were so connected to the earth, heart-centered, and definitely danced to the beat of their own drum. This inspired me. I got to be part of a small community who were willing to see the world differently. They practiced yoga, chanted, cooked wholesome nourishing foods, and laughed a lot.


The bathtub was outdoors and heated with coals underneath. The toilet was compostable and in the woods. Inside the door of this compost toilet was a piece of paper with a passage called, “Commitment to Myself.” I got to read this everyday. I’m not sure who wrote it. Someone who lived on the farm I assume. I wrote it down and have kept it in my journal ever since.


After finding this again last week I thought that these affirmations and ethos sums up how I would like to BE this year.


I hope it inspires you too…