Ok, here it is. You’re the first to hear it…

It’s the intro to my latest book that is being launched on May 30th, 2018.

This book is called “Living After Loss: A Soulful Guide to Freedom.”

Living After Loss guides you through the grief process from the dark nights, to the slow awakening of acceptance; culminating in wisdom and the opportunity to reinvent yourself and live a life of joy, vitality, and peace.

Created for spiritual seekers yearning to free themselves of the suffering that can accompany any sort of loss including; a child leaving home, a parent dying, the loss of a job, your pet dying, a forced move, a diagnosis, or the loss of a dream.

Have a listen to the intro audio here and you’ll get a good sense of the book and my intention with it.


Living After Loss will be released on Amazon on May 30th.

I am inviting you to support “Living After Loss” in making a pronounced entrance into the world of Amazon by ordering it on May 30th. This will also help it to reach best-seller status, which makes it easier for people to find the book in the future.


I will also be offering some launch day bonuses when you purchase on May 30th:

• Receive a beautifully narrated audio-version of the book “Living After Loss” that you can download and listen to wherever you are.
• Receive the “Living After Loss” workbook that gives you easy access to all the life-transforming exercises in the book!
• Attend the “Living After Loss & Building Resiliency” Masterclass with me, June 12th @ 12 noon, PT (Vancouver time) and access to the recording that’s yours for life!

And please feel free to share with your friends, family and colleagues too – I am grateful that you are here sharing this journey with me! My intention is that this book will offer tools, techniques, and mindfulness-based practices for navigating any sort of loss or life challenge.




“Grief is one of those things that we just aren’t taught to deal with. Melanie shares her personal story with such intimacy that you will not want to put this down. The best part is that she gives very practical & useful techniques to help us deal with loss. Highly recommend this insightful, beautiful read!”
Dr Divi Chandna, MD, Intuitive Coach

“A Powerful, yet practical guide filled with wisdom and strategies to transcend life’s most challenging hardships and losses. Melanie has walked this path and may guide you to reclaim your most authentic self to live with more dignity, purpose and alignment.”
Dr. Sukhi Muker, Best Selling Author

In this compassionate and enlightening book, Melanie shares her profound commitment to living. With her as your guide, you will find a way to dive into the often forgotten landscape of Spirit that can be ready to be awakened and remembered within the world of grief. Melanie is here to remind you that it is possible to reclaim your life and soul amidst the darkest hours of your being.
Elana Epstein: Reiki Master & Spiritual Guide