I had the pleasure of sitting down with Vancouver based yoga teacher and mother of three, Christine Price Clark who I just adore.


From her initial foray into yoga in a heavily carpeted Montreal studio, to not really knowing she wanted to be a yoga teacher—she speaks of her life as a mother and yogi.


Christine opens up about her struggles of mothering three young girls and how she can’t sugarcoat motherhood with spiritual platitudes or ideas. She understands the challenges of balancing being a mother, doing her own yoga practice/ sadhana, and simultaneously teaching her classes to the public.


What I love about Christine is her diversity and creative expression throughout her entire life. She shares with us her love of consignment stores, perfume, poetry, and why she took hip hop dance classes.


In this conversation we also talk about:


  • Christine’s key teaching: welcoming all parts of yourself
  • How she supports herself through her dark times
  • Finding freedom from depression through the movement of the body
  • The importance of sensuality in our yoga practice
  • The role of alignment in yoga


Christine Price Clark is a mother of 3 girls, a mentor to many gifted teachers, and a passionate advocate for practices that keep us on the ground and in our hearts.


She has been teaching for over 13 years; a journey that began in New York and landed her (back) in Vancouver in 2006.


Christine was first certified in vinyasa yoga, and later went on to study extensively and to eventually certify with the school of Anusara Yoga. Her current teaching reflects and embraces many influences, not the least of which are her children; any and all practices that keep us alive to what is and what can be; and the undeniable power that is moving the body with poise and play.