Winter Solstice Ceremony


Last year I hosted a sacred Winter Solstice Ceremony.

We set intentions, chanted, tossed rose petals into the sacred “fire” and let go of what no longer served us.

As we move towards the darkest day of the year it is such a poignant time to pause, be still, reassess and clarify intentions moving back into the light.

The darkness represents our fears, insecurities, self-criticism, anxiety and unresolved grief. There is nothing wrong with these states but left unexamined can create massive instability and chaos in our lives.

Join me with this audio as I guide you through your own Winter Solstice Ceremony.

What you’ll need for your own home ceremony (there’s no right or wrong way to do this):

  • a candle
  • pen and paper
  • incense/ sage
  • a quiet space and about 30 minutes for this process

Listen to the recording and I will walk you through the ceremony process from beginning with setting an intention. Light a candle for yourself to signify the light in the darkness and the awaking of consciousness within.


Here are the mantras that we chant throughout the ceremony. You can chant with me or simply listen to the healing vibrations of the sounds:

Shanti Mantra

Om saha naavavatu sahanau bhunaktu

Saha veeryam karavaavahai

Tejasvi naavadheetamastu maa vidvishaavahai

Om shantih shantih shantih



May She protect us both (teacher and the taught). May She cause us both to enjoy the bliss of Mukti (liberation). May we both exert to discover the true meaning of the sacred. May our studies be fruitful. May we never quarrel with each other. Let there be peace.

Mantra to Ganesh

Ganesh is the elephant headed god representing the energy that removes the obstacles in our path. Invoking this clear, loving energy is wonderful at the beginning of anything new. Ganesh offers us a fresh start.

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha Swaha


May this ceremony be a portal for you into your own heart and into a new light-filled beginning. May this New Year be anchored in peace, joy, abundance, and gratitude.

I am grateful for having you here with me.

Many blessings,