Sitting down with celebrity chef and Dragon’s Den judge, Vikram Vij is such a delight. He’s so energized and sound to earth and doesn’t think he’s special. He sees all humans as beautiful.

Born and raised in India but trained as a French chef in Austria, Vikram has a sensitivity for appealing to palettes worldwide. He wasn’t born knowing he wanted to be a chef. In fact, Vikram shares with us what he wanted to be when he grew up but his father wouldn’t allow it; so he became a chef.

We jam on making the most out of your life and how your drishti, or focus must be one of kindness and being a good human as well as how to navigate obstacles that arise in life.


Celebrity Chef  Vikram Vij on Life & Cooking



Vikram believes passionately about blessing your food; that this is the most important part of eating. In Ayurveda we talk about the importance of how you eat—with an attitude of gratitude and joy.

In our conversation we also dive into:

  • Vikram’s greatest influence
  • The difference between reducing things and restricting things in your diet
  • What spices to cook with first
  • How to layer in your spices
  • The most important spice for your cooking and health!
  • Seasonal cooking

From the kitchen to prayer, we touch upon it all. We wrap it all up with getting to try Vikram’s new Namaste Ayurvedic Hand Butter. A product he co-designed with Canadian Ayurvedic skin care company, Kalp.

This is such a soothing and nourishing hand cream (that’s coming from a dry-handed gal) that soaks in without being greasy. I love that it’s Ayurvedic, natural and Canadian!



Vikram Vij is a household name in British Columbia and across Canada. He’s best known for his Vancouver-based restaurant, Vij’s, which connoisseurs of modern Indian cuisine line up for rain or shine.

Vij is a chef, restaurateur, television personality, author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and advocate for multiculturalism and sustainability.


He owns three restaurants – Vij’s, Rangoli and My Shanti. He produces a line of take-home food in his factory. His dishes are available at BC Place, Roger’s Arena, Whistler Blackcomb, and on the streets of Vancouver thanks to his two food trucks. He’s a sommelier, he’s been a judge on Dragons’ Den, and he sits on an independent advisory board that submits Senate candidate recommendations.


Kalp is a holistic route to effective skin care management. Our products are handcrafted and deep rooted in ancient Ayurveda, a 5000-year-old proven system of natural healing. Ayurveda literally translates to “The Science of Life” and it is exactly that. Our thorough decade long research has proven the immense wisdom that lies in the evolution of Ayurvedic care. It gives us milestones to live by based on nature, the seasons and our senses. We integrate this knowledge to understand your true potential and the energy that you bring. Our aim is to find the perfect healthy balance to simplified skin by keeping your environment, mind, body and spirit in mind.