It’s always so different being on the other side of the interview.

I had the honour of being interviewed by my friend an colleague, Natalie Rousseau for her 13 Moon’s Sadhana Circle for women.


I absolutely love talking with Natalie. She’s someone I have always admired, mostly for her authentic voice, commitment to integrity and depth of character (oh and she laughs at my jokes sometimes).


I’ll warn you, this interview dives deep.
I really open up about some of my big life challenges and suffering and my relationship to those experiences now.

I Am Light

Here’s a few of the key topics:
  • I talk about receivership being the ultimate self-care
  • What the Art of Being is and why it’s essential
  • My beliefs on what true self-care looks like
  • What blocks and diminishes your energy
  • I talk about permission and how to overcome the disease of pleasing


If you’d like to dive into deep support for your body, mind, heart and spirit, join me in my upcoming Inner Empowerment Mentorship, starting November 14th.

Artwork: Alena Hennesy