Have you ever learned something about yoga or Ayurveda and thought, “that’s weird!”, or “no way I would try that”?


Ellen shares in the most honest and revealing way how understanding Ayurveda allows her to “cheat” her way through trips to Italy and make Ayurvedic hacks in her life so that she can still enjoy the things she loves (within reason ;) ).


“Hi, I’m human, I make bad choices too sometimes.” -Ellen


What can turn many people off from incorporating new habits into their daily schedule is the resistance to change. As an Ayurvedic Practitioner and stress management consultant, Ellen knows how to present Ayurveda in a way that her clients will want to make changes on their own and stick with them.


Getting Real with Ayurveda with Ellen Leonard

In this conversation we get a little goofy at times, talking about chickens on swings and Star Wars (two of Ellen’s favourite things). Ellen also shares with us:


  • how to create a solid base of health you can work from
  • permission to pick and choose what supports you in your daily routine
  • why “shoulds” will never evolve into lasting changes
  • how to make behavioural changes that actually last
  • a simple StressLess Method exercise


Ellen Leonard, M.S.Ed., a self-described research nerd, spent twelve years as a published scientific researcher before starting her wellness career. A graduate of Brandeis University (B.S.) and Indiana University (M.S.), she is associate faculty at Indiana University in Indianapolis, a health coach, a yoga instructor (RYT500, ERYT200), and an Ayurvedic Practitioner.  She also owns a stress management consulting firm called The StressLess Method. Her unique approach to health and wellness incorporates the latest research-based practices, including aspects of positive psychology, meditation, and strengths based development.  She has set ghee on fire multiple times while making it at home.  Other hobbies include: long walks on the beach with her chickens, laughing, and obsessing about Star Wars.