Did you know that 95% of diseases are stress related?


The good news is that most of our stress is connected to how we perceive and interpret stress and the effects that it has on our body-mind.

Listen to this compelling interview with Dr. Divi who is a medical doctor and medical intuitive.

We talk about how we get out of alignment and become ill and how understanding our emotions are key in our healing. We simply can’t disconnect our body, from our mind, from our emotions.


Why we get sick & how to heal with Dr. Divi Chandna

In this episode you will also learn

  • how unconscious layers keep us stuck and sick
  • why there’s no need to blame yourself for any symptom or illness
  • a profound perspective on depression and anxiety
  • how thoughts magnetize to our emotions
  • what your intuitive voice sounds like and how to connect with it


We end the interview with Dr. Divi guiding us through a transformational healing visualization.

May this conversation spark the power of the Divine within you.



Dr. Divi is the founder of the Mind Body Spirit Center – an online  center designed to help people heal, shift & transform their lives.  As a family physician, Medical Intuitive, Global TV personality, Ted X Speaker & Mind Body Spirit Coach, she believes that everything is energy and anything can shift. Using simple and scientifically studied techniques and processes, you can learn how to do this for you. When working with individuals, Dr. Divi coaches them on everything from health, abundance, relationships or simply stress. Dr. Divi can guide you to shift, transform, heal & manifest an amazing life! And for those of you who are ready to do what Dr. Divi does – she can also train you to become a Mind Body Spirit Coach to help others.  http://www.drdivi.com