Dr. Eric Grasser is a wealth of information. Trained as a medical doctor as well as having extensive training as a Functional Medicine doctor and Ayurvedic Practitioner, he sees the bigger picture in the realm of holistic healing.

We met in India years ago when we were studying with renowned Dr. Vasant Lad in Pune, and have become close friends and colleagues ever since.

In this episode we discuss the epidemic of autoimmune disease in our culture.

Did you know that five times more women have autoimmune conditions then men?


The Epidemic of Autoimmune Conditions

Also in this episode of the Be the Light podcast you will learn:

  • how both Ayurveda and Functional Medicine look to the root cause of disease
  • where to begin in the healing of an auto-immune condition
  • how the immune system attacks itself and possible reasons why
  • how to navigate the often overwhelming holistic medical experience
  • why nothing is right for everyone and how you must find the treatment that is best for you



Eric Grasser, MD, AP is one of the world’s foremost experts on the integration of Ayurveda and Functional Medicine. He founded his Integrative Medicine and Ayurveda practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He attended Stanford University, Dartmouth Medical School, University of New Mexico Family Practice Residency, and the Ayurvedic Institute, and is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico. He is Board Certified in Family Medicine, trained in Functional Medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine, and certified by the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics, for which he serves on the Advisory Board.  He hosted The Ayurveda Summit in 2015, the largest ever online Ayurveda event.He serves on the Board of Directors of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. He offers online programs and consultations throughout the world. Learn more at www.drgrasser.com and facebook.com/drgrasser.