I have a soft spot in my heart for Australians. I lived there in 1997 and have returned a few times to visit and connect with the awesome people and landscape.

What a pleasure to sit down and chat with Catherine Plano; International Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach, Leadership Development Professional, Queen of Transformation, a Creative Soul Adventurer, a Theorist and Provocateur of Change.

Catherine discusses how we transform and mentally reinvent ourselves by shining light into the dark places.

Throughout her own life experiences with anxiety, Catherine found herself in the middle of NYC thinking she was having a heart attack and realizing it was an intense panic attack.

She is a seeker and is motivated by the question “Why?”


Catherine explains Radical Shifts and shares with us:

  • what the imprinting phase is and how it shapes our life
  • how parent programming conditions us
  • how we create new habits and behaviour
  • how to get in the drivers seat without repressing emotions
  • a powerful practice for working with any inner voice that has a hold on us
  • why we need to have a vision


Catherine speaks about her own process of forgiveness and how it keeps us trapped. She believes we are all creatures of love.

Learn about vision boarding with the caveat of not hanging on to your vision. She speaks about her process as well as the most important aspect of visioning.

Catherine believes that the more people we help tap into their potential power the more the population will become awake to a consciousness shift towards the global mindset for the betterment of all humankind.

Have a listen and find out how Catherine surrenders her thoughts and becomes the observer to her life.

She has an infectious vibrant energy that is inspiring and motivating. Catherine is a powerful force in the transformational coaching world and is the host of the upcoming Radical Shifts Online summit including phenomenal speakers such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Vitale, Danielle LaPorte, myself, and many more!


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