I can’t remember exactly when Natalie and I met but it was years ago through the yoga community here in Vancouver.

I had heard so much about her—students raved about her classes and approach.

Natalie is so down to earth and grounded not only in her teachings but also in her daily life. She lives close to nature and loves spending time with her dog and also preparing wild crafted concoctions and delicacies.

We have a candid and super spontaneous conversation about how she got into yoga in the first place. At a time in her life when she was a single mom living in Tofino, BC with little financial means, Natalie took her very first yoga class. From her “crisis moment” back in the days when yoga teaching wasn’t a popular career choice, Natalie was impacted and moved by the teachings of yoga.

So much so that she eventually enrolled in a yoga teacher training program (do you know about my Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Program?) and her life transformed.


Integrating Yoga Into Daily Life 

In this interview Natalie gives us her definition of yoga, what it means to her, emphasizing how yoga is such a personal and intimate practice for her.

We jam on the challenges of being a yoga teacher and how business skills are important for yoga teachers to cultivate a sustainable career. Natalie calls this her “creative project” which I absolutely love and am going to use in shifting my perception when I’m banging my head against the wall behind the scenes with technology.


I ask Natalie…

  • What she has learned and integrated into her bones through her yoga practice?
  • What advice she would give to yoga students wanting to integrate the practice of yoga into daily life?
  • Advice for yoga teachers
  • What’s her personal relationship to the moon! 😉

Thanks for joining us in our conversation about yoga, teaching yoga and empowering students and teachers to integrate yoga into their day-to-day life.

To learn more about Natalie you can find her here: http://natalierousseau.com