Lindsey and I have known one another via the Vancouver yoga world for quite some time. Over the years Lindsey has struck me as a woman who is full of integrity, light and happiness. It wasn’t until I got to know her a bit more that I learned she also suffered from anxiety.

This was surprising to me as it can be quite nerve-wracking standing up in front of a room full of expectant students to teach them yoga. I wondered how she did it if anxiety plagued her.

The incredible thing about Lindsey is that she turns her “weaknesses” into her strengths.

Most recently she took a stand up comedy class—this put her face to face with her anxiety. So what did she decide to do with it? Laugh about it!

In this podcast Lindsey shares how she turned her anxiety into her power and talks about her greatest fear of doing stand up comedy. She guides us with experience and insight into facing our fears and how you can live with anxiety.

We talk about how you can learn how to listen to what your body is communicating to you for greater health and how to make decisions in your life. By paying attention to physical symptoms you can be taught how to cultivate the skill of listening to your body compass and responding in a way that improves your health and happiness.


Have a listen to our lighthearted conversation in this episode of the Be The Light podcast about such a heavy topic—anxiety. You will discover:

-How to use comedic tools to alleviate suffering

-How looking at the facts is very powerful to decrease anxiety

-What your body compass is telling you about your health and life

-Where to find your ‘yes’!

-The art of letting go of the attachment to the outcome

-How laughter heals your mind and body and must be part of your life


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