Here is a soundbite I’d like to share with you from the last Inner Empowerment Mentorship program.
One of the participants was struggling with her life purpose and felt trapped in a job she didn’t really like. She wasn’t sure if she should stay or go.
My perspective is that ultimately it’s not really even about staying or going. It’s about showing up for life one moment at a time.
If you’re in the job…be in the job! When you fully show up for life and what life is bringing you it will be easier to know when something is genuinely complete. When it’s time to go, go. Being in the middle ground, half hearted and doubting is so painful. When you bring yourself fully to anything, clarity will come.
It’s the ego that want’s to know what’s going to happen and fears the unknown. The ego wants to know the outcome before we make a decision. The ego convinces us this is safety. But is it?
Learning to listen inwards to the deeper, more subtle impulses of our being will bring true connection and satisfaction opposed to being driven by our conditioned mind.

Your body knows. Getting still enough and quiet enough to listen is a skill to develop.

Being fully with what IS and trusting you’re in the perfect place for your evolution here and now–even if you don’t like where you are or it’s uncomfortable.
To stay or go…that is the question…


I hope this sound bite has been useful and inspiring. If you would like support as you grow into the most whole version of yourself, please join me for my upcoming online Inner Empowerment Mentorship program. It begins May 9th. Blessings.