Stop Playing Small: Expand into your whole capacity by being the greatest version of yourself possible

This sound bite is from my last Inner Empowerment Mentorship program. In one of the week’s lessons I spoke about how to stop playing small and how to expand your sense of self into living your whole capacity—by being the greatest version of yourself possible. This is definitely not about hype and flashy external façade but about cultivating a deep sense of inner contentment and knowing of Self.

I offer up the most important question to ask yourself when determining how you will proceed in your life, “Is this serving me?”.

I share with you the four steps to sustainable expansion as well as what happens after you expand.


1) Awareness: is the essence of any change. Until you become aware of your thoughts or behaviours there will be no desire to go beyond the conditioned reactions.

2) Willingness: is the key component to catapulting any initiative for transformation in an upward and forward direction. It is what gives you momentum and the commitment to evolve.

3) De-conditioning: is the unraveling process. We’re essentially programmed like computers, by; society, culture, families, teachers, media and so on. As you become more conscious of what is you and what is simply your conditioned way of being, it will be easier to “do something different” and create new grooves, pathways and possibilities for positive change.

4) Compassion: is the container that holds metamorphosis together. Without compassion your intention for change will be from a perspective of “something needs fixing” and will perpetuate self-loathing and negative attachments to an identity. Instead generate your inner shifts from a place of self-love in order to remember your innate wholeness and truth, that there never was and never will be anything wrong with you.


I hope this sound bite has been useful and inspiring. If you would like support as you grow into the most whole version of yourself, please join me for my upcoming online Inner Empowerment Mentorship program. It begins May 9th. Blessings.