Recently I was approached by the Excellence Reporter and asked to contribute an article on the “Meaning of Life.” A daunting  task. So here is what came from my heart:


Despite decades of meditation and self-inquiry work, it was after the sudden loss of my partner that I was faced with the harsh reality of asking, “What the hell is the point of all of this?”


No longer shrouded by ashram community or yoga studio sheen, I was utterly alone in grief and pain and the realization that no one could change my situation or ease the agony of loss for me.


Profound loss was the catalyst for the deepest inner inquiry. There was nowhere else I could go but within.


So I did.


I began to shift my perception and reprogram my neural pathways from trauma, shock and grief and mold them into acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness. No easy feat. Life is a work in process.


I believe we are here to know ourselves as love.


I believe we are infinite and powerful expressions of Source energy.


I believe life will do whatever it takes to wake us up to knowing the truth of who we are.


Wake up. The time is now.




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