Last month I was down in LA speaking at the National Ayurvedic Medical Association conference, a real honour and wonderful opportunity to connect to other Ayurvedic practitioners and doctors.

I was lucky to attend some seminars with fabulous presenters. But here’s what I found out that shocked me the most!


Maybe I’m a bit naive, despite often thinking I’m savvy to food trends and reading labels to really know what I’m purchasing.


I learned that in a carton of almond milk (which I have to admit I buy every time I go to the grocery store), there are less then 10 almonds. Holy! Seriously? That seems crazy to me-so what am I really drinking? Filler.


So, I did what any good pitta, solution oriented woman would do-I made my own. I had been wanting to make my own almond milk for ages but kept putting it of, thinking it was too time consuming even though I always felt a little guilty purchasing all of those almond milk tetra packs, certainly not a great move for the environment.


In Ayurveda almonds are both sattvic (a balancing food) and a rasayana (rejuvenate). Make this healthy tonic to nourish your ojas (vigour/ immunity), increase your stamina as well as being a great reproductive tonic (keep things hot in the bedroom).


And, my favourite…it’s actually really easy!


1) Soak 20 whole almonds (not blanched) in a bowl covered with warm water in the evening.


2) In the morning, peel the skins off of the almonds.


3) Put the almonds into a blender (I use my Magic bullet and it works well) with 2 cups of water.


4) Optional additions to the blender are: a pinch of cardamom, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 tbsp rosewater, a dash of honey/ maple syrup.


5) Blend on high.


6) Enjoy. Yum!


Love & light,