I love the naturalness of the Ayurvedic perspective-looking at how we are a microcosm of the macrocosm.


When this is understood we start to pay closer attention to the subtleties within our own body and also in the environment around us.


Following a seasonal routine (ritucharya) is important so that your body and mind can more easily adapt to the changes and you can thrive no matter what the season.


Springtime is the kapha time of year in which the qualities of heavy, oily, cool, damp, cloudy, and slow prevail.


To counter the sodden feeling that can rise in the Spring welcome in foods, activities, spices, and relationships that are invigorating, light, playful, and warming to slough off the layers that have crusted over during the darkness of winter.



  • dairy
  • deep fried or overly oily foods
  • refined sugars
  • cold foods
  • salt
  • sour food items
  • sleeping in late
  • focussing on what’s not working in your life



  • spices to enkindle your agni (digestive fire): think black pepper, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, cloves, oregano
  • bitter foods like leafy greens, spinach, turmeric, dandelion greens
  • astringent food items such as beans, legumes, soy
  • uplifting essential oils like orange, eucalyptus, clary sage, basil, lemongrass, rosemary
  • wake up early
  • invigorating exercise
  • focus on what feels great and is working well for you in your life


Spring clean! It is a great time to reduce clutter in your home and mind (let go of things that represent or are attached to stagnant energy or a version of yourself that is no longer current). This is both empowering and lightens the load both physically and metaphorically.


Plant seeds in your garden and in your heart and they will be sure to blossom.