What I find most satisfying in my profession as a healer is bearing witness to my clients evolution and transformation. Everyone has their own unique journey and I do not pretend to know what that will be. However, what I do know is that those who follow my Ayurvedic recommendations see changes–some instant and others slowly over a period of weeks or months.


I had a client, let’s call him Bill. Bill came to me with a persistent cough that he had been suffering with for over two years. Can you imagine? In our first session together I asked him many questions, determined his prakruti (Ayurvedic constitution) and vikruti (current state) as well as the chakras/ energy centres that were out of balance (I love the Bio-Energy Healing work for the quick and easy assessment that I can make of the clients energy system). I did some energy work on his fifth chakra at the throat to clear away the blockage of energy there.


Together with the energetic assessment and the holistic viewpoint indicative of both Ayurveda and Bio-Energy I was able to zero in on the root cause of the cough. Once Bill made the mind-body connection he had an ‘aha’ moment that changed his life.


The next week he came back to see me. No cough. I was waiting to hear it (as it was quite disruptive the first week), but nothing. He smiled and said that his cough was gone after our first session and had not returned. He understood the psycho-emotional connection of what his body was trying to express to him and how that was manifesting in a chronic state of dis-ease.


Bill was elated not only that his cough was gone and he didn’t have to feel tense or embarrassed in social situations or at work but that he was able to heal the deeper cause of the origin of the cough.


To me this is so profound, satisfying and inspiring–that healing doesn’t  have to be hard, painful, or take a lot of time.


When we get to the root and pull it out, the effect is deep healing and transformation. I am so grateful to have these healing tools to be of service to those who value the mind-body approach. Namaste.